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Da_noob_'s great typographic adventures

This year's 36daysoftype has been really special to me. I challenged myself to do the humongous task of creating a series a day for all the 36 days of the event. The approach was to use procedural ways (Houdini and Substance designer) to design an algorithm that would help me to create a whole series for every single day. I failed. Still I was able to create a set of approximately 19 type series consisting of 684 artworks, and this was still huge for me. 12 of these series are now proper fonts you can buy from my gumroad or Creative Market shop.
Anyways presenting to you the first edition of "da_noob's great typographic adventures." 


Typography & Illustration






I started with making a list of interesting possible font styles. Once I had the list I picked up the software of choice for the project that was houdini for most of the fonts. Planning a lot was not an Option as I had to create a lot of

content in the limited days.
Most of the renders were done in cinema 4d using either octane or redshift. Once I was done with the renders I used fontself to convert my renders

Terrain type

Terrain type

Poof type