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The Earth We Forgot

I was recently checking out some beautifully done oil and water paintings online and I realized how crazy it was that a great deal of artists from before the industrial revolution were obsessed with nature. There are endless paintings of forests, rivers, clouds, starry nights and everything nature. Being stuck in the pandemic I have been out of nature's touch for a long time now and its so sad that we are missing out all this beauty the earth has to offer.Being brought up in the Himalayas I have these memories of beautiful scapes that would always leave me breathless. Considering that I have been living in cities for the last 4-5 years of my life, I realized this was the perfect opportunity for me to reminiscence some beautiful memories of my childhood and work a little bit on my lighting and texturing skills.


Illustration, Art Direction, Print






The goal was to stick closely with an old, painterly aesthetic, with vibrant colors. Something that would look like it came straight from the early 19th century.

TEWF 2.jpg

Added a little noise to make it look old and rusty.

Also the colors used are very bright and over saturated to mimic the oil paintings of nature.

Memories of Spring

I remember me and my sisters used to study and play under lemon trees when we were kids.

The smell of fresh lemon leaves, sunlight and laziness, this is what I felt the whole day while making this render.


To challenge myself a bit more I tried making different seasons and daytime.

TEWF 6 clay.jpg

Memories of Autumn

With autumn comes a million colors, the sunsets are the most beautiful, heavy winds and the excitement of getting into a new grade.
For me autumn will always be associated with having a lot of fun and looking forward to exciting new stories.

TEWF 2 Clay.jpg

Memories of Summer

For every Summer my mom dad would take me to my grandmother's place. I loved it there, no homework, yum food, and grandmother's unending love.
      Now whenever I imagine Nani's place it feels like it was always summer there.


snow clay.jpg

Memories of Winter

Winters can be brutal in the hills, still it is my favorite season. I have never witnessed more peace and tranquillity than there is after a snowstorm.


Living in the mountains one keeps on being reminded that there are a million ways in which nature gives us shelter. We all live and exist on the kindness of mother earth.


Want a print?

Hope you liked the Illustrations, you can always download these prints and use them as framed pieces for your room, but if you want to skip all that hassle, you can get the framed prints straight from my society6 shop.

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