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Sonic is one of the 4 trends forecasted by Asian paints at their India Design event in 2020. This film explores how we willingly engage with sound to expand our potential and explore the unseen dimensions of our mind.


Motion Ident


Asian Paints Ltd.




Art direction, Design, Texturing, Lighting, Motion Design

The film is aesthetically driven by sound as a theme, the materials used are known to amplify and transmit sound in best possible way. i.e. wood and copper. 

The design and motion is inspired by sound waves and progressive motion. All these elements married together with good sound design portrays Sonic.

I assisted the director in creating the visual flow and art direction of the film. I was also solely responsible for a couple of shots in the film.

Some WIPS and process


Some stills I created for the film

Conceptualized and Produced by Post Office Studios

Director : Aditya Tawde

Creative Director : Harsh Sharma, Nisha Vasudevan

Executive Producer : Prachi Vasant

Creative Producer : Kanchan Parikh
Producer : Hitarth Solanki
Associate Producer : Beulah D'costa

3D Design and Animation : Vaibhav Negi, Stefan Kang, Grace Reaves, Jose Gallardo, lian Chudliegh

Editor : Akhtar Shaikh

Sound Composer : Shezaan Shaikh

Mastering : Mothership Productionsx

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