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Sketchbook 2023

Being a 3D designer/artist for a long time now has affected me as a thinker. I believe 3D is a medium of execution not exploration. This year I have made a resolve of learning to draw and paint using traditional methods. This page here is dedicated to my leanings and progress, a place I can look back to to see how far I have come. 








Sketching, Painting, Concept art

Humbling beginning 

Studies of the Loomis head

Sketchbook Entries

Art is more about how you see the world. The good artist is a great observer.

It took me 2 months to fill a full sketchbook, but I am super proud of it. 1000s of more to go.

Constantly updating this page with the art I do, and the things I learn along the way.

A documentation to keep me motivated and on my way to become the great filmmaker I wasn