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When I come across a piece of art that makes me feel something, I become totally obsessed with it. So I tried to reorient that obsession into something useful. This page is dedicated to Movies, Games and books that I like.Its an attempt to decipher what exactly I like in a story, a documentation to truly understand the functioning of my own mind and a sneaky attempt at stealing storytelling methods and techniques from the best
(JK, I'm just trying to be inspired ;))  Also I secretly want to be a writer too, it's where all good stories begin.

An ever changing top 10 list of the art I dig 

Movies, Games & Books



La La Land
Perks of being a Wallflower
Fight Club
Begin Again
Scott pilgrim vs the world
Fantastic Mr Fox

Dead poets society
Spirited Away
Drive my car



Elden Ring
The Last of us
Batman Arkham series
The Witcher 3
Farcry 4
Prince of Persia Trilogy



Norwegian Wood
Perks of being a wallflower
Normal People
Shoe Dog
Steve Jobs
The sailor who fell in grace with the sea
The outsider
The ocean at the end of the Lane
Hideous tales of horror and macabre


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