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Hershey's Spreads

When Hershey's India redesigned their packaging for its chocolate spread, they wanted a cgi commercial that would appropriately position the product in the Indian market as a delicious product that can be of day to day use in a regular Indian household. 


Product video






Art Direction, Design, Motion design, Simulations

When Hershey's launched the new packaging of the spread bottle, they wanted a 15 second commercial that could communicate the change in packaging while encapsulate the deliciousness of the product. As this launch was specific to

India, they wanted a setting that was visually inspired by an Indian household kitchen.

Initial style frames

The creamy, rich flow of the chocolate and the levitating bottles were carefully created through a meticulous animation process, making the film aesthetically pleasing and appealable. I was closely involved in all the processes from Visual breakdown of the film to sound design. This was definitely a very challenging project to pull off with a small team in 3 Weeks.

Some WIPS and process

Scene 03_4 (1).png
Scene 06_6.png
image (26).png
Scene 02_4.png

Some stills from the film

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