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Fastrack Perfumes

Fastrack released an exciting new product for the young teens of India, they wanted a fresh new brand film that could reflect on the youthfulness of the brand and announce the launch of their hip new product.


Product film






Design, Motion Design, Technical Direction

The project actually came with an exciting challenge, the brand was very specific about the patterns and designs they had created for their products. They wanted these patterns present in the frames  throughout the film.

The CAD models provided by the brand had these patterns but they were highly dense and creating a film with those assets would have been very difficult. I was fortunate enough to technically lead this problem resolution.

With the help of Substance Designer we created a set of tillable displacement textures which were used in the film, making everything very light to animate.

Creating these procedural shaders was a lot of fun, although some of these were geometrically simple, others were specifically challenging because of their unique design.
Having these textures instead of dense, heavy polygonal meshes made view port display way more responsive and also decreased the render times.

Initial Visdev and process

Conceptualized and Produced by Post Office Studios

Director - Aditya Tawde
Executive Producer - Kanchan Parikh
Creative Producer - Ankur Chakravarty
Associate Producer - Aditya Devsharma
3D Design & Animation - Travis Ragsdale, Vaibhav Negi & Appa Chandra
Voice-Over - 3By4 Studios
Music Composition - The Jamroom

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