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A home new world

A home new world is a design trend forecasted by Asian paints at the India design event 2021. The trend and film delves into the Work From Home culture, catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Motion Ident


Asian Paints Ltd.




Direction, Design, Motion design

Home is now an entire ecosystem wherein worlds that were otherwise separate, now collide. The film thus, is about our changing, adaptive, versatile spaces at home,  with a variety of environments existing in the same room.

The furniture provides modular functionality that helps the room shape according to the need of the hour. Considering the trend we took inspiration from minimal, modular furniture and interiors.

This was the first time I directed an ident, I was responsible for the direction, art direction design and some of the motion design of the film. It was a great and exciting opportunity and I learned a lot in the process.

Some WIPS and process

Room Setup V5_2.png

Some shots I created for the film

Conceptualized and Produced by Post Office Studios

Director : Vaibhav Negi

Executive Producer : Kedar Thapar

Creative Producer : Aunnesha Sen
Associate Producer : Riddho Roy

3D Design and Animation : Vaibhav Negi, Appa Chandra & Akshay Salpe

Sound Design : Kambiz

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