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Hey, I am Vaibhav Negi (aka da_noob)
an Artist
Director and Designer.

I am a sucker for stories that come out of ones heart and soul. I want to be a storyteller myself, so I am on this journey of learning everything there is to be a great storyteller. I am mostly  a visual person, I love cinema (Animation specifically), video games, graphic novels, illustrations, small looping animations on Pinterest & Dribble and everything in between. 
My humongous curiosity for learning everything about good storytelling will be the end of me, but now that I am knees deep in this, I think I'll rather go all the way. 

Other than that I am into adventure sports, cooking, working out, devouring books, listening to brain shattering rock music, getting lost in the wilderness and pretending to play the guitar. 

I currently work at Post Office Studios as an Associate Creative Director. 
I am not currently taking up freelance gigs but if you ever want to chat about The Beatles, cosmos, weird fiction, Hayao Miyazaki movies, Philosophy etc shoot me a mail at



I love solving problems, creating design systems, brainstorming, design thinking while keeping everything aesthetically amazing. When I am creating something, I have no sense of time, and I love everything that does that to me.

Art nerd.png

Art Nerd

I live for good stories, weather it is a movie, game, book or a piece of music. I am always looking for a good story. Every once in a while I find something amazing, and I spend all my time getting to know more about it. I read about the people involved, how it was achieved, watch BTS videos in order to know everything. It's an obsession I am proud to have.


Adventure Freak

I love the outdoors! I do not let go of any opportunity to explore and admire the beauty and calm nature has to offer. However, I always do it in adventurous ways. I like trekking, cross country cycling and I do some kayaking every once in a while. Right now I am planning on getting a paragliding license too. Super excited for that.

Thank you for your time. I currently work at Post Office Studios as an Associate Creative Director
If you want to get in touch please write to me at:

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