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Hey, I am Vaibhav Negi (aka da_noob)
an Artist
Director and Designer.

I am a sucker for stories that come out of ones heart and soul. I want to be a storyteller myself, so I am on this journey of learning everything there is to be a great storyteller. I am mostly  a visual person, I love cinema (Animation specifically), video games, graphic novels, illustrations, small looping animations on Pinterest and Dribble and everything in between. 
My humongous curiosity for learning everything about good storytelling will be the end of me, but now that I am knees deep in this, I think I'll rather go all the way. 

Other then that I am into adventure sports, cooking, working out, devouring books, listening to brain shattering rock music, getting lost in the wilderness and pretending to play the guitar. 

I currently work at Post Office Studios as an Associate Creative Director. 
I am not currently taking up freelance gigs but if you ever want to chat about The Beatles, cosmos, weird fiction, Hayao Miyazaki movies, Philosophy etc shoot me a mail at

Art nerd.png

Art Nerd

I live for good stories, weather it is a movie, game, book or a piece of music. I am always looking for a good story. Every once in a while I find something amazing, and I spend all my time getting to know more about it. I read about the people involved, how it was achieved, watch BTS videos in order to know everything. It's an obsession I am proud to have.

I love solving problems, creating design systems, brainstorming, design thinking while keeping everything aesthetically amazing. When I am creating something, I have no sense of time, and I love everything that does that to me.



I love the outdoors! I do not let go of any opportunity to explore and admire the beauty and calm nature has to offer. However, I always do it in adventurous ways. I like trekking, cross country cycling and I do some kayaking every once in a while. Right now I am planning on getting a paragliding license too. Super excited for that.

Adventure Freak

Thank you for your time. I currently work at Post Office Studios as an Associate Creative Director
If you want to get in touch please write to me at:

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